i am thinking of doing some needle felting and i am trying to figure out how much 4 oz of roving really is. I honestly have no concept of size and weight so just seeing a ball of it online doesn’t really help me too much. For example…let’s say I wanted to needle felt a baseball (yes i know i can’t i am just talking size) approximately how many baseballs would 4 oz cover? would it even cover one?

also, does anybody know of good reliable sources for roving materials online? my LYS only has white and black and i already have those for another project that appears to be perpetually on the needles.


Okay, I saw it online, and I can’t remember where…I will look. Sorry, but I have no idea on how much it will take, but I will look around for where I saw it; it was a reliable store, this I do remember!

I knew that I had seen some in a reliable place: kpixie and elann

this is 6" doesn’t say how much it weighs just to compare the size.

thanks ladies! I got me some and am crossing the fingers hoping that i will have enough and not have to order more. i have a bad feeling i may be getting myself into a new obsession…lol

so uhhh… what are you needle felting??? :eyebrow:

i am making animals