where does everybody get there roving from?? trying to find a decnt resource for roving and a good price.

Here is a good one:

These are mill end rovings for 7.50/lb. I ordered 2lbs of white and 1lb of the black and white, they also sent some of the brown and white as a sample. The wool is soft and silky, takes dye beautifully and I have yet to find any vm. It is mostly shorter lengths of one to three yards, not one continuous ball of roving, but I don’t consider this to be a problem. It is a great deal for the price.

ok thanks. i’ve seen this before but didn’t know what they meant by ends. but how would you dye it if its not all together if you wanted multi colored?

I’m not sure what you mean - you can dye it using any method I’ve seen for dyeing roving.

well, you said it wasn’t in a ball so i was wondering how you dye it without it be all connected together.

I got a box full of stuff from here. Some of the rovings were soft whereas some were medium soft to coarse. I guess you could ask the folks specifically for softer wool if you like.
I think i’m going to spin all the coarse wool i got into yarn for weaving a rug on my 4 shaft loom.

Well, a ball of roving is just one long strip wound up into a ball like yarn, right? So, this is still strips, just shorter lengths, rather than one long, long strip.