Roving yarn....>>>

I keep finding yarn on the internet that I like and often times it is roving. What are the advantages and the disadvantages of roving yarn? What projects are good and not good for this type of yarn?


roving is actually fiber for spinning, not yarn. If it is thin (called pencil roving) then you COULD knit with it on quite big needles, but the intention is that it be used for spinning. Interested in another fiber hobby?

so I’m wondering why/what to knit with it…

Some are really pretty, esp. on and I was tempted but not sure if I would like it .

thick and thin yarn can be used for just about anything! hats, scarves, sweaters… :slight_smile: plain stockinette and garter stitch are often best, to show off the yarn, as some stitch designs would get lost in the texture of the yarn itself HTH