Roving question

I am not a spinner but am very interested. I have sore hands and limited space…would my best bet be to get a drop spindle? Also does 2 oz of roving make a good amount of yardage once spun? Might be a weird question but Im not sure how to phrase it :??

Hi there! Welcome to the spinning section of KH! :hug:

A drop spindle is a great way to start learning to spin.

2 ounces of roving will make 2 ounces of yarn. Just look at a skein of yarn sometime to give you an idea of how ounces look as yarn.

In the beginning your 2 oz will probably make 40-50 yards of yarn :smiley: but before long you’ll be getting more than that!

Go for it! A spindle is a great way to learn, albeit a little frustrating at first, but a cheap way to find out if you think you’ll enjoy spinning. :thumbsup:

[color=indigo]See, and I feel the exact opposite. I tried spindling, hated it and if I’d not signed up for the spinning wheel lessons I’d have given up completely. I do absolutely adore spinning on my wheel, :heart: but will never attempt a spindle again. :verysad: [/color]

Thanks everyone :muah: Ya see I am getting over a virus right now which causes myalgia and arthralgia pain ( could take 10 years to completely go away) and was wondering if this would be a painful hobby to take up :verysad: I would love to give it a go though. If I were to go with a spindle or a spinning wheel what are the best brands for the money? Also what do I really need ex. carders etc.

I am thinking of trying to spin pet hair from a black newfoundland pup. Oh and of course wool. Would I need different carders or are they all the same?

I’m a beginning spinner myself, and I have an Ashford Traditional wheel that I found at a consignment store for 120 dollars. (They gave me a box of things that came with the wheel too, including very nice hand carders, and lots of fiber samples.) I was a very happy girl!

Now, I never use my spindles, because the wheel is so much easier. Is there a spinning shop near you? If so, you can go in there and try different wheels to see how they feel to you. Good luck!

they have little electric spindles for people with any sort of healthy issues that make it harder to spin, so you don’t have to spin the spindle, just make the yarn. They sit on a table I think.

2oz would not make much, 4 oz is better for like a hat, gloves, socks etc.