Rounded edge finish

Hello, Can anyone tell me what this edge is called. I saw it on the edge of a scarf (the long part) It was rounded (rolled). So at the end of each row you must do some kind of stitch but I don’t know what it is called or how to do it. It is not an i-cord bind-off as it was not done on the short or end of the scarf. Thanks for your help.


Stockinette naturally rolls so if you just do stockinette (knit a row on one side, purl on the other, etc it WILL curl. If you want the edge of a hat that is knit in the round to curl you do stockinette as well, but in that case it’s just knitting since you don’t need to purl.

Hint: use a smaller needle to knit the roll part. Then when you change to the larger needle it will stop rolling. This strategy may not work on a scarf because it might be narrower at the edges, but it might be fine so worth a try.

Yes, it’s just taking advantage of stockinette’s natural curl/roll. What you see isn’t a special edge, but the purl side.

Thanks for your reply, however it is not what I’m looking for. It isn’t stockinette’s natural curl, I know what that is. It is more like an I-cord but knit continuously the length of the scarf. I’ll keep searching for a picture or pattern on the internet.


Yeah, a picture would be handy to look at.