Round toe, and toe-up Pomatomus?

Hi all

I am about to begin Pomatomus socks (having finished my Baudelaires!). I like to use every bit of wool and make them as long as possible, so I’m doing them toe-up. I don’t like the normal slightly pointy toes - could I round them out a bit by increasing from 20 original stitches instead of 16? Would you recommend 24 instead? Searching for ‘socks round toe’ etc.of course gets me lots of patterns saying ‘work around’ and ‘work 1 round’.

Also, if anyone’s done them, any comments on the difficulty of 2 circs - I know moving stitches around can be done on these, and I prefer this method. Does anyone have useful thoughts on reversing the pattern, as well? I need to make the ktbl stitch twist the other way?

I suppose I could do one toe-up, then I’d know how high I could make the leg, and make the next top-down, that would reverse the pattern!! But I would prefer 2 on 2 circs. Hope someone’s done them (I’ve read all KAL pages I could find too).

Thanks heaps! Sarah

I’ve used Joan’s favorite toe for rounded toes before and it works pretty well.

I’ve also been working Pomatomus socks 2 socks on 2 circs and it hasn’t been too bad. I posted in the pomatomus KAL about it so you probably already read all about it!

I also read somewhere about someone who reversed the pattern. i’ll see if i can find it.

ETA: here is where i read about the reversed pattern. You have to do a bit of charting because she didn’t want to infringe on Cookie A’s copyright.

Yes I’ve had that bookmarked for a long time! probably 6 months ago it was that I printed out the pattern too!
But someone else has blogged that they think they would need to twist a ktbl the other way - but, Knitwit’s reversed ones lok fine. I’ve got my graph paper ready to go!
Thanks for putting that in the KAL, I don’t know if it would have occurred to me to do it that way! It made me more confident to do them on 2 circs, I will have to put a marker on one to let myself know which is the mirror image!