Round right round?

should i go round? i have all ways used ‘normal’ needles and they have been good to me but i have never atempted socks. my mother says round is far to complcated but with out seems it would be easy? or at leats not as hard. im off to my yarn shop soon just wonderd if u think i should atempt scocks on round or stay with what im used to.

I’d always say Might as well try a new method. You may surprise yourself :wink:

knitting ‘round’ isn’t any harder! plus you can still knit rows, and the cable helpssupport heavier projects like sweaters and blankets :slight_smile: (i love circular needles :wink: ) i do still use my straights, but not as much

If you stuck with what you knew would you have started knitting? It’s all about trying out new things.

I still haven’t used dpns myself, but I haven’t found any projects that I want to make that requires them.

When I switched to circular needles tho, I haven’t used my straights since. Although, the first couple days using circs was slightly uncomfortable. I never realized I was holding my knitting a certain way, to make room for my big ol’ needles. The circulars are more compact so you can hold the work differently… it was interesting to learn that. But now I find it easier to curl up with my knitting since I don’t have these long ass sticks popping out and moving around.

you can do it!

If you are talking about making socks, then going to dpns if you have never used them before, is a whole new skill in itself.

I learned how to make socks on dpns first, then I tried toe-up socks on dpns, then I graduated to 2 at a time toeup ML socks (from Silver’s Sock tutorial.)

Before I attemped socks on ML right away I did a few practice pieces using magic loop. It’s really pretty easy.

I think you could go straight to ML socks and have no problem at all, especially if you follow the tutorial. If you do 2 at a time, you will also miss the dreaded SSS or second sock syndrome.

Happy sock knitting!


I also was hesitant to try knitting in the round – it just seemed so complicated. But eventually my desire to try a particular project won out, and I bought a set of circulars. Haven’t used straights since. The circs rock! Then I bought a set of dpns to make a pair of fingerless mittens, and loved them! I really enjoy using them for socks & gloves, and don’t find them complicated at all. There’s a little bit of a learning curve, but the effort is so worth it! And believe me, if I can do it, anyone can. Give it a try!

I use circular needles for everything - in the round or flat knitting. Go ahead and try knitting in the round, you won’t be sorry.

I’m not sure I entirely understand your poll, but I used circs for nearly everything.

I love dpns but also am learning to like using 2 circs. I’ve never tried ml. Go for the new experience.

Knitting in the round I think is a lot easier than seaming… esp. if your like me and don’t like to seam :teehee:…

I use my circs for everything and hardly ever use my straights… I do like dpns for socks though and if you do decide to learn them just give it time… takes awhile to handle the needles… it does get easier after the first few rounds… when I first started on dpns I would place my daughter’s little ponty tail holders on the ends to keep my sts from falling off… I’d give knitting in the round a try… it’s always good to learn a new skill…:thumbsup:

Me too, now that I have my Options I don’t think I’ll ever use straights again.

looks like im gonna have to run down to my yarn shop and get some u all seem to think that round is the way forward so ill trust u ill let u know how i get on