Round placemats for Mom

Mom had been wanting some round yellow placemats for her kitchen, and she hadn’t been able to find them in the stores. I made her one of the Flower Power placemats, but she said that she would prefer something a little “plainer.” So, I used a picot CO (150 sts), and then I used the same basic “swirly” center pattern for the Flower Power placemats. The yellow yarn that I ordered was a little brighter than she had really wanted, but they will work! The photo is not very good because of the window in the background.

Very nice! She’ll love them!

They look beautiful. Very well done!

Those are gorgeous!

Very pretty! :yay:

Very pretty and very creative! A very thoughtful gift.

Those are very pretty!

They are so lovely!!

:happydance: very pretty!

What a wonderful gift!!Your Mom must be very happy to have those beautifully knit placements.:heart:

Very nice!

Very cool! What a great gift, and such love and creativity that went into it!

What a great gift! I love the way they came out. :slight_smile:

Gr8 idea, its so lovely that ur mom will be proud of ur gift

Love them :slight_smile:

A labor of love. They look very nice. Yellow is such an uplifting color.

they look wonderful