Round Loom Knittiing stich mistake


I am knitting a pair of fingerless gloves on a round loom using a simple wrapped knit stitch. When I started working on the rows around the thumb hole, you are meant to work back and forth a few rows, but when I started working in the opposite direction I made a ‘mistake’ and somehow knitted with a different stitch for, I believe, two rows before I realized this mistake. Once I saw this I reverted back to the original knit stitch and completed the glove.

But this ‘mistake’ has actually turned out great because it falls just over the knuckle area and adds more stretch and flexibility to the glove. So I would like to repeat that stitch again on the other glove so that they match, lol. But I cannot remember what I did to create this stitch, other than thinking at the time that I’ve held the yarn in the opposite direction. I’ve been practising with other yarn on another round loom but am still trying to figure it out.

Is there anyone on this forum that could help me identify what stitch I did and how I can recreate it, please?