Round Heel

Hi y’all, I am a somewhat new knitter and am obsessed from the start. My boss at the restaurant is a knitter as well and my teacher. Who else can go to work at a restaurant and get knitting lessons while on the clock? I am currently learning the basic sock pattern. I have the pattern with the heel flap and gusset down. There is another heel I would like to learn but am having difficulties understand any written directions. It’s the ROUND HEEL. It looks much cleaner and neater but for the life of me I don’t understand the instructions nor does my boss. HELP ME PLEASE, anyone with an online video link that might help me.
Thanks for this wonderful site. I’ll be here all day exploring.

If you have a link to the pattern, or can write a few rows that you don’t understand, there’s lots of people that can help you through it. You would also get more responses if you post the question as a new thread on the How To forum.

I have moved your question to the “How To” forum. Hopefully, you’ll get some help now.