Round Heel Sock?

I am learning to knit socks and love it. However, I came across a round heel pattern that looks much neater and cleaner than the flap and gusset style. This pattern has only one neat line diagonal to the heel and gives a perfectly rounded heel. I do not understand the instructions nor can I find anyone in my town that does either. Is there anyone out there that can direct me towards a video online to teach that particular pattern???:knitting:

Can you link us to the pattern so we could look over it? Or give us just a little bit of the instruction so we can help? I think you may be talking about a short row heel…

Yes, it is the short row stitch. I found one anklet online with the same stitch, however I have the “Regia” pamphlet with the pattern in hand. Here’s the link to the anklet.
Thank you

there are many short row heel tutorials on line, I believe there are a few different ways to do them. Here are some:

Thank you Marilyn, the third link seems to be the most detailed in instruction. I like that one the best. Thanks again.