Round face pad?

Was it here that I found a link to a round face pad? It was either knit or crochet into a diagonal shap and then the tail was thread through it and pulled to make it round. I think the image had the yarn as red and white (if knowing that helps) I’ve searched and searched my bookmarks and the searh here and am at a total loss.

Ok, I’m going to try this again. I think there was a word specific to this type of item. I just can’t remember if it was the pad/puff itself or for the type of knitting/crochet.

I do believe I found it on a woman’s blog and she was Japanese but not living in Japan. It may have been a Japanese thing or word? I’m really mad at myself for losing this URL as I really wanted to make some. It was better looking that a plan ordinary crochet circle and took a little more work - thus I think it was knit, but not positive because I remember reading about how “you know your Japanese if your mother crochet your dish clothes”.

Was it actually a “pad” like it was stuffed? Or was it flat like a facecloth, but round?

Not stuffed but not what I would call a cloth. Do you know those acne round pads with acne medicine in them? Kind of like that.

Maybe I printed it out, I can’t believe how much this is irritating me.

I know the pads you mean, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out knittingwise if it’s not stuffed. :??

Could you mean a bath pouf maybe?? Like this one?

Why use cotton balls and disposable facial cleaning pads when you can crochet them? Save money and prevent excess waste by crocheting a bunch of these facial cleaning pads. They can be used just like regular cleaning pads that you buy in the store. Reused the pads by tossing them in the wash with your clothing or towels to be cleaned. These pads are super fast to crochet and can also make great gifts!
Skill Level: beginner

Finished Size: 2 3/4″ (7 cm) diameter

Medium Weight Yarn (small amount)
Note: use cotton yarn for extra absorbency
Crochet Hook J (6.00 mm)

Gauge: Rounds 1 – 2 in pattern creates a circle 2 3/4″ in diameter

Crochet Pattern: Facial Cleaning Pad
Round 1: ch 4, 12 dc in forth ch from hook, sl st in top of beginning ch-3: 12 dc
Round 2: ch 3, 2 dc in each dc around, sl st in top of beginning ch-3, finish off: 24 dc

I know it’s crochet but if anyone can transform into knitting pattern let me know.

here’s the link with pic.

Is this Simple Scrubby what you are looking for? I made some for my daughter and she uses them for her face. I used organic cotton. She loves them.

Oops after glancing over your post again…maybe you mean a Tawashi like this or this or this.