Round Baby Blanket, How Much Yarn?

OK, here’s one for the math whizzes out there…

I’d really like to make a Round Baby Blanket for my new niece/nephew who’s on the way. I need to use something that’s machine washable, 'cause otherwise my SIL’s liable to just hang it on the wall as a keepsake instead of using it, so I’m leaning towards the Shine Sport (it also comes in such pretty colors)

So, here’s the tricky bit… KP says this yarn knits up at 6 st/in on US 3-5 needles… all very well and good, but this is a circle we’re talking about. Can anybody out there help me figure out how much yarn I’d need to make a circle that’s 35" across?


Do you have a pattern? I would think the easiest way is to look at patterns and see how much is used. I don’t know of a round pattern, but check here.

Baby blankets

Just out of curiousity…why a round blanket? I think it would drive me nuts and I probably wouldn’t have used one much when my kids were little… might just be me though. :oo: :rofling:

The only pattern I’ve seen is the one in the link in my original post, which I found at Knitting Pattern Central. It just says to knit until the blanket is the size you want it to be, doesn’t say anything about yardage at all.

As for being round, I think the shape appeals to me, not to mention the pinwheel effect. I just thought it looked pretty.

I’ve heard lots of moms like the round blanket. It’s pretty and you can fold your baby up in it like a burrito! :roflhard:

That’s definately one of the images I had in my head! :rofling:

Check the forum at to see the amounts others have used to make this one. It’s searchable.



Thank you SO MUCH!