Round and round I go...My first Sweater in progress

Hi ladies! Thought Id share what Im working one as my first “big” project. I started with hats and scarves @ xmas, and now its time for ME!!

Its this pattern from

And Im kinda curious of how this hem will lay when wearing… I think I should have purled for a few more inches in the begining when it said only an inch… I might go back and pick up stitches later if it doesnt lay flat for me…

That was my second sweater and the bottom did the same thing. It didn’t curl, but the edge folded up. I don’t mind it too much because it’s consistent. :shrug:
Looking good so far! :cheering:

On some sweaters I’ve purled one row, then started in with st to make it roll up intentionally.


Keep it up! You’re doing great!