Rotating work on circular needles

I have started a tote bag on circular needles. The instructions have you knit the first 25 rows not joined so that you have a rectangle on the needle which forms the bottom of the bag. The instructions then read

" Knit 1 more row on the 30 sts, do not turn.
Rotate work and knit up 13 sts across end.
Rotate work again and knit up 30 sts from cast on edge. Finish by knitting up 13 sts from the remaining end of bottom piece.
Place a marker on the needle.
Work continues in rounds."

I understand that I am trying to get all the stitches from all sides on my needle so that I can knit on the round but I don’t understand how to pick up the stitches.

Can anyone help me?
Can anyone help me or are these instructions available on a video?

There is a video on picking up sts, it’s in the Tips section down near the bottom. Basically you would think of your already knit side as the left needle, insert your right needle into the first edge st and wrap the yarn as if to knit. Do that in the next ridge st so you have the first 30, then 13 more on your needle. Pick up one stitch in each of the 30 cast on stitches, then another 13 across the other side. You need a circular for this, and for picking up the first few sts, it helps to push the 30 sts toward the other end so you can turn the corner, then rearrange them so they’re all together and take up any loose sts, then continue down the side.

Sounds to me like with that “1 more row on the 30 sts” you leave those loops on your right hook and go down the side placing 13 sts. Leave those on your right hook. Then go across the other row leaving those on your right hook. Go down the other side placing 13 stitches leaving those on the right hook.
Place the marker before you start the “1 more row” again to mark the beginning of your round.

Of course on a circular when you leave them on the right hook they circle around to the left hook.
You’re in the round.

13 seems like an odd number to pick up out of 25 rows but it works out to be the odd numbered rows and avoids having a hole in the corner by going in the sides of the first and last rows.

You knit 25 rows, then `one more row’ so that’s 26 which is twice 13, so you’d pick up in every other row.

That is why I hate working from patterns. (I want the total number not X+1! :wink: )

I guess 13 is an odder number than it seems since it’s not figured center out and you’ll end up with holes or less support at 2 of the corners or an uneven stitch that won’t be centered.

I’ve made a purse that has a pattern similar to that one.
When you do pick-up the stitches, I suggest maybe using a crochet hook. It’s much easier than picking them up with a needle.