Rosehip hat

I bought a new stitch dictionary last week, and wanted to make something with it. So this last weekend, on a long ride to Vermont, I made up this pattern for a “rosehip” hat.

I’d consider this an intermediate project. You need to be compfortable with knitting on circular needles, knitting on double pointed needles, following a pattern, knitting, purling, doing a purlwise slip stitch, and decreasing.

You can find the full pattern here on my blog.


  • Jess

:smiley: Thanks so much for sharing your pattern, Jess. I love this hat, I’m going to have to put it on my long ‘to do’ list :smiley:

Beautiful!!! And you worked on it in the car! How cool is that, you rawk! :cheering:

So pretty. That color is gorgeous.

Very pretty!! Terrific design! Thank you for sharing! :thumbsup: