Rosebud Crossover baby cardigan by Debbie Bliss


I have the pattern for the above cardigan which contains a chart that I don’t understand. The first row says K1 ( 4,7,10,13) depending on the size of the garment then knit 16st pattern repeat 4 times then finish with the same number as at beginning of row. The CHART shows 14 squares, then a section entitled 16st repea,t then another section of 14 squares. How does this tie in with the written instructions which vary with the size being knitted, I need to knit 7 stitches at each end to total the correct number of 78. I do hope you understand this long winded explanation. Perhaps a phone conversation would be easier. I can send a copy of the pattern and chart if you can’t locate it on the Internet.

Many thanks for any help you can give.


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Really pretty free pattern. Thanks for the question.

You can essentially ignore the chart squares before the pattern begins (it’s actually 10 squares before the whole floral design, not just the row 1 start). Work the 7sts and start the pattern repeat.
That said, I’d work the complete rosebud pattern on the succeeding rows (see row 6) rather than have a half motif on each side for the first 12 rows. It’ll eat into your 7sts but only by 4sts leaving you at least a 3 stitch border in the background color for the first 12 rows.

There is at least one complaint about pattern placement:


Good afternoon

Very many thanks for your really prompt reply and clear suggestions etc. I see exactly what you mean about having a complete motif at the beginning and it only using 4 sts leaving 3 at the start but what do you suggest when I get to the second row of 3 motifs, starting at Row 23? If I move that whole section 4 sts to the right to keep the positioning correct with the first line of motifs then that would impossible as I have only 3 sts left to the very beginning. This would be right on the edge for sewing up and I would also lose 4 stitches off first motif so its swings and roundabouts isn’t it or am I being stupid!!!

Just one more thing please… On the instructions for the Right Front it says K4M at the start of the first row and K4M at the end of the 2nd row. Is this to form the band which goes all round the edge of the cardigan (normally the buttonhole band) and does M stand for Main colour? There is a key to the colours under the chart so why not put A for White rather than M for Main???

I was delighted to see that another lady at least thinks it is a very unclear pattern!

Thank you for your help.

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Adele Wood


Yes, you’re right to look at the second tier of the design. I would leave out the complete first and last rosebud. Don’t try shifting the motif. To me leaving out the rosebuds at the ends of the second tier seems preferable to having a half design at the ends in the first tier.
I’m not sure what the M stands for. There’s a garter stitch band at those 4 sts up the fronts and around the neck. We don’t have the list of abbreviations which are probably earlier in the book (p.19)
Debbie Bliss patterns aren’t all that clear. There always seems to be some twist that stops you or gives pause.


Hi there

Very many thanks for your help and advice regarding this pattern but I have decided not to proceed.

Firstly it has been pointed out that there will be a huge amount of fastening ends and if there are any stray loops they could get caught my small fingers!

Secondly, because of the colour of the motifs, this might make the cardigan very restricting for what to wear underneath, colour-wise. The suggestion has been to do Swiss Embroidery, of the motif design, on the completed garment, if required, and what colour.

I must admit that I am secretly relieved not to be proceeding and am happily getting on with the plain white cardigan!! Nevetheless, thank you for all your sound advice and explanation, and your patience with me.


Adele Wood