Rose Trellis Shawl

~I searched but couldn’t find mention of this one anywhere~


I’ve started it twice already, and frogged back from line 21 about 3 times. I keep ending up with either too many or not enough stitches no matter HOW carefully I think I’ve counted! [no, no lifeline but yes, I had markers ALL over each section, and each repeat]

As I look at the sides of the chart [not the repeat] I come up with odd numbers of stitches that you’ll: 1. need and, 2. end up with. [For example, if I read the first section on row one, I will need two stitches and end up with three? But on row 3 I will only need two stitches… but I will have three!]

Has anyone else made this shawl? And most importantly, am I just completely reading the chart wrong and ending up with too many/too few stitches for the next row?

I’ve been mulling over this pattern and though I’m certainly not an expert on lace, I can see your dilemma on the first right hand side edge. You will end up with three, but only need two for the next row.

What caught my eye, though, is what she says in the paragraph between the beginning rows an th finishing rows, “Also, you may have to adapt the way you keeep the growing edges in pattern as you go on, buy by then you should have a good feel for the pattern!”

So what’s happening may be normal for this pattern and you’ll have to adjust as you go.

Only I’ve run into the same problem within the repeat too! :frog:

:frowning: From your post I got the impression that the repeats were fine. Unless you’re not actually getting all 3 when you make three together or something like that, without my actually doing it it’s hard to tell if there’s something wrong with the pattern.

Here’s a thought. When I do a lace pattern that calls for a yo after several knitting stitches, I find that that particular yo wraps around the needle in such a way that it brings the back of the stitch up. When I do it on the next row, I have to kind of roll it back down to get at the actual yo and not some other part of the stitch.

Also, Kelly pointed out somewhere earlier that most mistakes in lace comes from not realizing that there is a yo to purl on the back and just either slipping it off or assuming it’s part of the stitch before it.

Or there’s getting another pattern that won’t give you so much grief!