Rosa Parks

Today at noon, all the buses on our local transit system will stop and give a moment of silence for Rosa Parks. I think that is just so f-ing cool I can’t stand it. :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks you sister Rosa
You are the spark
You gave us our freedom movement
Thank you sister Rosa Parks

Anyone elses city doing something like that?

Rosa Parks is quite a legend & was very, very brave, a bravery that the likes of most of us don’t understand :cheering: :cheering: What an INSPIRING thing that is being done in your town, femi!!! :cheering: :cheering:

i heard this morning that a lot of the bus companies around the country are leaving the seat behind the driver empty today. Kudos to those that are!



Oh that is cool! I hope they do something like that in Akron!

I thought I heard that Detroit was going to have the front two seats of every city bus empty, with a ribbon on it in Mrs. Parks’ memory.

If you’ve not heard it, go search; there was a great story from a third-grade teacher who some years ago called Rep. Dingle’s office and asked if “this was the Congressional office in which Mrs. Parks worked and did she still work there?” She replied, “Yes.” And the teacher I think then asked if it would be possible to speak with her. And she replied, “You are.” or something like that. The teacher turns to his class and says: “This is her; I’ve got HER on the line.” And he then proceeds, with Mrs. Parks permission, to pass the phone around his classroom and let his 3rd graders ask questions about what it was like in Birmingham to refuse to give up her seat. If you can find the clip, do listen to it, because it is way better than I can relay.

I wonder what and for whom Mrs. Parks would be knitting if she were still here. Maybe a hat for a soldier or mittens for a child with none.