Roosevelt Cardigan - Interweave Knits Fall 2014

I am working my first sweater (the Roosevelt Cardigan, if anyone has the Fall 2014 Interweave Knits). I have an issue reading the pattern for the Right Sleeve.

I have worked up the sleeve past the cuff and done the first increase round. After the first increase round, I am not sure I understand the pattern. I will back up to the last round of the cuff and give you the instructions through where I am confused.

Next rnd - K20, p1, work 8 sts in patt, p1, knit to end.
Inc rnd - K1, M1L, work in patt to last st, M1R, k1 - 2 sts inc’d.
(Here’s where I am unsure) Rep Inc rnd every 10th rnd 5 more times then every 8th rnd 4 times - 70 sts. Work even until piece measures 18.5" from CO, ending with an even numbered chart row.

So, after the Inc rnd I just did, should I go back to the pattern above (K20, p1, work 8, p1, knit), but just add one knit to each side? Or do I do the pattern from the inc rnd but only do the increase on the 10th then 8th rounds? The reason I think it’s the first option is because the sleeves are not cabled all the way around but only have a single cable up the middle of the sleeve and it seems to me that if I kept the pattern from the inc rnds I would be cabling all around.

I hope this makes some sense, if not I can post in some pictures.

Any help sorting this out would be great, thanks so much!

You’ll have to keep track of the cable rounds and the increase rounds separately. Keep the cable pattern up the center of the sleeve, crossing the cables as the pattern directs and at the same time, do the increases every 10th row and later every 8th row. The pattern will continue up the center but the sleeve itself will become wider as you add increase rounds. Even the increase rounds will have the pattern stitches up the middle, p1, work 8, p1.

Thank you! I’ve got it!:yay: