Romper Suit in Phildar Caresse

Hey guys!
I hope you can help me with this pattern Romper Suit in Phildar Caresse.
Description provides with the following:

''Inc on each edge inside a border of 1 st: on foll 12th, inc 1 st twice. ‘’

I think it means, in every 12th row make 2 increases in 1 stitch on each edge of the back piece.
I hope I’m not mistaken.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to KH!
Increase at the beginning and at the end of the row. The increase is one stitch in from the ends, Increase one stitch at the beg and one stitch at the end of the row. Two sts increased in the row.
Twelve rows later repeat this increase row.
The increases will take you from 25sts to 29sts after both increase rows. Cute romper!

wow, thank you sooo much! :slight_smile: