Romper pattern

I made it to row 28, and this is where i got insecure. It says to follow pattern, but following the pattern which is the first 4 row will increase my work in both row 3 & 4 and every other time i get to these rows, and it does not say anything about how many stitches im suppose to end up with before the decreasing part. Does anyone know?

BACK: With White and No. 4 straight needles cast on 22 stitches (sts), Knit (K) across row. 2nd ROW: Purl § across row. 3rd and 4th ROWS: K across each row increasing 1 st at the beginning and end of each row. (These 4 rows form pattern)

Link to the pattern:

28th ROW: K across all sts (106 sts). Work even in pattern

[I]Work even [/I]means to continue in the established pattern w/o increases or decreases.