Roman dream jumper

Hi please can someone help me. I am trying to do a straight forward jumper but I am clearly missing something with the pattern instructions. It is asking me to cast on 42 stitches for the back which looked like I was knitting a dolls jumper. I have doubled this up in the hope that it now fits. However the length of the back reads 11in but that cannot be right - is it me

Is it this one?

It’s described as a crop length sweater so perhaps just shorter than you were expecting?
There is a schematic here which shows the finished measurements with the length only 20 inches.

I think it just looks longer on the photos.

I noticed a couple of people on ravelry said the cable pattern has an error so watch out for that.

Hello yes it is thank you for your comments they are helpful I will have another go and see how I get on x

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Hi Tracy. 10mm needle size is pretty big and in Super Chunky yarn that could be right. Did you do a quick swatch size to check your tension? I love the pattern! Jane


Hi yes it is a lovely pattern and I thought it was going to be straightforward lol x on checking my yarn it is chunky but not super chunky so it may be this that is wrong I have the right needles though x thanks for your reply I am very grateful

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The yarn suggested is chunky. If you have substituted the yarn for a different make this could impact on the size but as Jane5 said, a gauge swatch would hellwith working out the stitch and row count.

I seem to remember someone else making this or a similar sweater which was short and they also had not expected it to be so short. I’m sure you could make it longer if you have enough yarn for the extra length. You could look at the length for the larger size and then the meter age of yarn fro that size. It won’t be 100% accurate on how much yarn you’d need but could help you decide what to do.

If you need help in how to make it longer I’m sure you can get answers here.