Rolling yarn balls

Ugh… anyone else hate rolling yarn balls? :wall:

I picked up a scain of Red Heart Soft for my next project… And I couldn’t for the life of me find the end of the yarn inside the ball. Usually if you pull out the clump from the middle and pick through it, you find it. Well, I searched for like 5 minutes and it just… wasn’t there.

So I’m winding a center pull ball of yarn from the outside of this scain and it’s taking forever and making my arms ache.

Its times like these where I wish I was Martha Stewart… I was watching her show one morning, and she and her celebrity guest were creating yarn balls as decoration for a table center piece. Random, yes, but still.

Anyway, she’d get a few wraps into her ball, and then move down the table and the ball would be twice the size! Further down, it would be done completely!

Why can’t I have a magic desk that just breeds full sized yarn balls…

:teehee: All you need is a ball winder!

Too bad they didn’t show the poor flunky who actually wore their arms out winding that ball that magically appeared. :hmm:

I’ve had better luck at finding the end of the yarn in the center of a pull skein by using a crochet hook to “fish” for it!

It has been working everytime…I don’t know why! :shrug:


I’ll have to try that next time!

At the beginning of my project, I did wind all of the balls of yarn that I’ll need. They are sitting in a basket waiting to be used up for the blanket I’m knitting.


Riss- I hate when that happens!!! usually I get yarn yak. a pile of knotty yarn from the center. I bought a swift and winder so it is much easier now. I get into a groove and wind eveyrhting in sight so it is ready when I am!!!

I always feel bad for the production assistants on those shows who make all the swap-outs. (the partly done food or craft) and I always wonder what happens to the half baked food on all those cooking shows!

We used to have a ball winder… And i’d use it with every project in my teens… And then my little brother was born… and grew up… and destroyed it. I think he took it apart by age 5. I was heartbroken.

I think i’m going to ask for a new one for christmas this year. :slight_smile:

ArtLady1981: That sounds like a great idea! I’m gonna have to try that. Usually, I just shove both my middle fingers in, one in each end until they meet, and then pull the middle out and hunt through it. :slight_smile:

I am getting a ball winder and swift for my birthday!!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

I ordered it yesterday, I hope it gets here soon, then I will have a ball winding party!

I agree - I’d rather be knitting than winding the yarn!

I’m thinking about asking for a ball winder and swift for my birthday (deserve SOMETHING special on your big 50 - right!!!:eyes:) …any recommendations or advice regarding them before I drop a “suggestion” :psst:? I don’t really know much about the pros and cons of different brands, etc. but I really like the results when my LYS winds a skein for me!

I love my ball winder - got it for £20 off ebay - the standard toyota model. It’s fantastic :slight_smile: I just need the swift now… I always end up towards the end of the skein getting a muddled clump where the other end has managed to wreak havoc.

I don’t pull from the middle of the skein anymore (too many yarn barf problems). I use the end on the outside of the skein. Here is what I do: Take a plastic zippy bag, cut a piece off the bottom corner and thread the yarn from the outside of the skein through there! Ta da… no tangles (at least for me).

Enter the ball winder - best birthday gift I ever received

P.S. I feel the same way about the megic desk, but I would like a magic kitchen like the ones on food TV where you just put all the ingredients into the mixer or pan and POOF you have a 5 course meal and no mess to clean-up afterwards

Speaking of those magic shows - I would want the ones that make the home improvement projects done in like 20 minutes!

As for winding balls - I kind of like to do it. I wind center-pull balls and enjoy the process. Because hubby is usually driving, I wind them in the car, right when I leave from the store. It’s just more yarn-fondling time, y’all! :lol:

ok, I just have to ask. what is so important about using yarn from the center out. I just use whichever end comes first and have never had problems.:???:

center out is 100x easier… the ball doesn’t go flipping every where and end up on the floor, which is inevitably covered in cat hair :slight_smile: