Rolling up

Hi everyone, I am seeking some advice, and I hope this hasn’t been posted before. There are just so many pages of questions that I hope I didn’t miss it. I am making a poncho in stockinette stitches. For some reason, my work just keeps rolling up. Would it strighten out if I wash it? Any ideas?

Rolling is the nature of stockinette stitch, but you could knit a few (3-5?) rows of garter stitch to start (K all rows), then add garter st around the edges (3 sts or so) to prevent rolling or do a seed stitch. I don’t think washing the poncho will help with the rolling issue.

To check for other threads in reference to rolling (or any other problem you’re encountering, go to the search menu and type in stockinette rolling…I’m sure you’ll find help here if my idea doesn’t work…these knitters quickly respond as a rule :wink:


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If your poncho is in pieces, the rolling will be taken care of when you seam it. All stockinette rolls, like Foothills said, and your pattern will probably take care of it. It’s more of a problem when someone knits a scarf or something without seams.