Rolling Hills Slippers

I actually made a pair of duffer slippers for myself to take on vacation next week. They are amazingly comfortable. I used Rolling Hills Wool of the Andes Bulky from Knitpicks and the buttons are from Joann’s Fabrics. My personal opinion having used 4 different yarns for all the slippers I have made, is that the knitpicks yarns felt the best and tightest making a much better sturdier slipper. I can now tromp down to the free breakfast buffet in slippers instead of shoes! :slight_smile:

Nice! I like the button on them, too!

Ohhh…I love these!!! GREAT job!!

Those are actually three buttons stacked on top of one another and sewn on. I found this card with three sizes that complimented each other and was going to use just the biggest one, but it was so flat so I super glued them together making sure the holes lined up then sewed them on as one. I think the effect was cute. Glad you liked them.

Lovely slippers. And great idea to stack those buttons. How very creative of you!

What fun to make a pair of slippers for yourself in a lovely color combination. The stacked buttons are a terrific choice.

Oh, these are lovely!!! The button is a great touch, too!

They turned out great!! Love the colors and that little button trick!!

The slippers are absolutely adorable!