Rolling flat-sitting yarn balls

I’ve done Amy’s center pull yarnball rolling technique with great success - and they were just that - a ball! Perfect for most things.

BUT I needed flat-sitting balls so I can place four on a lazy susan turntable (that I am going to turn with my toe!!!) which will enable me to finish shoulders of a sweater I’m knitting in the round without having to end up knitting flat. I went to THREE LYS’s looking for a ball winder - no luck. Didn’t have time to wait for on-line shipping.

SO>>>I took an empty toilet paper roll, and to make it more professional looking, I used a real hole puncher to punch hole near top. I threaded the yarn in from outside to the inside. Then folded the toiletpaper roll in half lengthwise. Wrap the yarn around and few times and proceed with Amy’s instructions. When big enough for your purposes, cut yarn and end. Then grab your pull from the hole at top and then gently remove the toiletpaper roll for future use.

VOILA - perfect flat-sitting yarn balls. AND I saved $39 and tax and shipping.

Now what do you say to that??? (Buy more yarn… :lol: )


You are a genius! DIY!!!

I’ll let you know if I’m a real genius after I actually try this foot-turning lazy susan with my yarn balls sitting on it. And if it really works, then Yep, I’ll be mightily impressed with myself. hehehe


The genius just became a total idiot!

NO ---- of course I cannot just keep attaching balls of yarn to keep going in the round. It doesn’t work. You have to turn the work.



UPDATE ---- yes, I am a genius again. Just a confused genius. Yep…I can too keep knitting in the round …hahahahaha

I am a happy, confused genius.


I feel compelled to let you all know my status at this point. It’s hard to admit but yes, it appears that indeed I am an idiot after all. I joined the second ball of yarn and was all prepared to keep on knitting around, but it doesn’t work that way.

Alas I am going to have to turn the work and do entire rows of purling after all. All that work and I got nowhere but right where I was.

So sorry to have taken up your time.

A bit befuddled I am.