Rolling edges

Hey everyone! I’m a new knitter, and I have decided to make my friends scarves for Christmas…hopefully I can get them done!! I’m having some trouble though. I’m doing a stockingette stitch, and the edges are rolling on me. I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing, or it just happens…

Thanks so much!

Nope, that’s totally normal with stockinette stitch. When you turn to do the purl row/side, knit the first couple and last couple stitches (depending on how many stitches you have total) and the knit the entire knit row, eventually you’ll get a “border” that will help it lay flat. If they are novelty yarns, the curling is kind of fun and not too noticeable. If you really want a scarf to lay flat, then either add the border, or just knit all rows and you’ll have “garter” stitch.
See this thread too another person had the same delemma, and I just posted a link to the site, it has tons of free patterns that lots of people here like to browse. The dishcloth section has several pics that will show the border we’re talkin’ about :thumbsup:

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Thanks so much! It’s working out great!