Rolling cuff

I am making the Mandel sweater from ravelry which is knit in the round In Stocking knit stitch. All was well until I got to the bottom which has a garter Stitch Edge or cuff. It requires a pearl row, knit row, p row, k row. Then cast of knitwise loosely, all done on smaller needles. I’ve tried the smaller and the regular needles but that first purl row seems to want to fold the edge in. I’m at an impasse, any suggestions much appreciated.

Is it that the edge is flipping up? That may be the stockinette causing the roll or flip. It should block out since it’s the circular edge on the bottom of the sweater. (Defeating the roll of stockinette in a scarf is just about impossible.)

Awesome thanx:)
I’ve never had this problem before… :grimacing: