Rolled Edge - Hat (Rolling the wrong direction?)

Ok, I maybe losing my mind but I will ask the question anyway. I’m a somewhat beginning knitter and am working on a basic rolled edge hat. The pattern says to cast on 100 stitches, k 7, place a marker and then knit another 5 inches. I’m looking at the picture and it appears that my hat is rolling the wrong direction. The picture looks like the flat side of the stitches (not sure if i’m describing this correctly) should be rolling up. Mine looks as though it is doing the opposite. Is this possible or could it be that i’m interpreting the picture incorrectly?

The flat side is the knit stitch side of stockinette and yes it will roll to that side. It may take a few more inches to take the right shape. Are you knitting flat or in the round? A picture of your work might be nice if you can post one.


Sorry…need batteries for camera…bad time to figure that out.

I’m knitting in the round. I just finished the k7 and am starting on the 5 inches of knitting.

Thanks for the help.

I could be wrong, but I suspect you are knitting on the inside of the circular needle. One way to tell is the V’s should be on the outside of the loop, if they are on the inside then you are doing it inside out.

The right side of the stockinette stitch should be on the outside of the hat, and then it will roll the right way.

This is exactly what I came on here to find out. This same thing is happening to me. I have about 5 inches done and it’s inside out. How do you fix this?

you can fix it by just flipping it right side out. :thumbsup:

ok, I think I’m slow. or a beginner whichever. :slight_smile:

Cuz well duh. That makes sense. thanks!

ok I did that but to knit my hat is being knit up, not down. Is that right? Or how exactly do I do it?

Someone told me to turn it inside out after it’s done. Is that correct?



well I thought about that but what about when you pull the yarn through the last few stitches?

Um…good question. I’m going to be heading over to my yarn hang out in a bit and will ask them.


If you are going to turn it inside out you do it AFTER you are done, not before.

That shouldn’t make any difference if they are woven in neatly.

Don’t worry about it. Just follow the pattern and when you decrease, it will look right. There’s no up or down, just doing…


Just make sure the tail is on the inside. It really doesn’t matter if you knit it inside out or whatever. When you start decreasing though, it might be easier to do that if the right side is on the outside.


Thank you Thank you, one and all!


Thanks for everyones input. :muah: