Roll-Up Needle Case (img heavy)

I was so tired of my DPNs being held together with rubber bands labeled with post-it notes so I would know what size they are. My LYS sells rull-up DPN cases, but they start around $25. So, I whipped out my sewing machine, grabbed some scrap fabric I had laying around and came up with this:

Here it is rolled up.

Opened up.

Lift the flap and…ta da! All my DPNs in their nice, organized little pockets. No more single needle flying out of the bunch and rolling under a piece of furniture. No more snapping myself with rubberbands trying to put them away. No more guesswork, trying to figure out what size they are. There’s even a larger pocket where I could store a gauge ruler or some stitch markers. (I realized once I had stitched the entire thing together that I sewed my needle pocket on crooked :wall:)

Here is a close-up of the fabric I used.

These are really simply to make. All you do is make the pocket for your needles (preferably out of a denim or heavy upholstery fabric so that your needle points won’t poke holes in the fabric), sew it and the little flap to the right side of your inner fabric. Then sew the piece right sides together, wrong side out leaving the side where you will attach your ribbon open. Turn right-side out, iron, fold a good length of ribbon in half with the right sides facing together and pin in the center of the open side. Press the seams in and topstitch the entire piece. :slight_smile:

I really like this idea.

I have some placemats that would do the job really nicely… so thank you very much for posting…

oh very nice,i need one as im a freind of the rubber band myself. much nicer then the ones in my local shop, and home made so like 100% better! good job!


hear is a nice felted case.

KnittyKat… That’s WONDERFUL!

How wide do you think your case would have to be if you had a slot for EVERY size set of DPNs? Let’s say 0-15?

I’ve been thinking of a similar thing for quite some time now, as I still have all of my DPNs in their original packaging…

And, can you think of any option for labeling the slots with the size of the needle? Iron-on numbers?? :shrug:

This may be my first project for my new (to me) sewing machine!

Sara Milliron sells very very well made DPN cases on her Ebay shop called Frizzlechick’s Creations. They are very modestly priced. For those of you who cannot sew, or just don’t care to…here is a link to her Ebay shop.

She also sells Straights Needle cases, circ cases, combo cases…in all sorts of fabrics. I have about 7 of her cases now. She ships fast, and her home is non-smoking. All her work is impeccable.

Here is the link

:cheering: It looks wonderful… I’ve been doing google searches for a about a week now for the perfect dpn case… and most are made similar to this… been trying to get an idea of what I want to do as well…

That’s really nice! Now I want one for myself :teehee:

The jewelry making section of my craft store has those alpha-numeric beads. I think those would be super-cute for adding the size numbers.

Thank you for all of the compliments. :hug:

I can get my finished dimensions and post them in awhile. I know that I made the pockets 1.5" wide each, so if you needed, say, 16 pockets that would be 24", plus any extra if you wanted a supplies pocket. But, you could make a double layered pocket so that you could store two sets of DPNs back to back, that way you could put, say, sizes 0-7 on the front row and 8-15 on the row behind them.

As far as numbering the sizes on the pockets, that was something that I had wanted to do, but got so into the construction that I forgot that step. Whenever I sew projects other than garments, I just sort of wing it. I have seen DPN cases online where people have embroidered the numbers onto the front of the pockets. I’m not sure how well iron-on transfers would hold up over time, as you would be rolling and unrolling the case quite frequently. They may start to crackle and peel; however, if you didn’t want to embroider the numbers you could probably use a lighter colored pocket fabric and write the numbers on them in a fabric ink pen.

Great job! :cheering:

Looks great!
I guess we’re on the same page. I just had my MIL drop off a sewing machine, so I could make one for my stash of needles too :smiley:

Cute! Great idea.

Awesome! I’ve been meaning to make one for all my needles (as mentioned in another post, my son has a bad habit of getting into my “stash” and on numerous occasions I have been left with only one of whatever sized needle…lol). That would make it super easy to just roll 'em all up and hide them in my closet, where he can’t reach!

Great work!

Looks good! Stitch N’ Bitch (the book) has a good pattern for making one in the back of the book. I love needle holders and I use one myself for all my needles. Actually, I’ve run out of room for them and I need a second one! LOL I do have tons of fabric laying around here… maybe I should do another one. :slight_smile:

That’s fabulous! I think I need to make one, too!

Oh and simple embroidery or even paint pens would probably work very well! I wonder if a white Sharpie would work… :thinking:

I don’t see why a Sharpie pen wouldn’t work on a tightly woven fabric. I know I’ve used Sharpie pens on denim with no problems. I have, however, used them on lighter cotton knits and it bled and feathered really bad.

I made another one for straight needles for a swap. This one is a lot bigger than the DPN case I made for myself:

All rolled up. I found 1.5 yds. of this upholstery fabric in the scrab bin at Wal-Mart for $1.25.

And all opened up. There is room from twelve sets of straight needles (four pockets for larger size needles), six pockets for DPNs, crochet hooks and/or circular needles, and two pockets for supplies. The deeper pocket in the back is large enough to hold a small notepad, knitting journal or stitch guide. That empty space to the left of the straight needle pockets is where I am going to put three small pockets next time around that will hold thread scissors, a book of tapestry needles and measuring tape.

That is soooo pretty!!

I was thinking thin placemats might work…they are already finished off and you can add a piece to one side with the pockets, fold it over and add a ribbon… Haven’t tried it yet though.

I can sew but can’t be bothered :oops: I just looked, saw and bought within 2 minutes :teehee: I’m getting a purple dpn case … thanks for the tip