Roll Raglan neck decreases

I am knitting a roll raglan sweater, and I am at the raglan and neck decreases! This is Yankee Knitter Designs #21. It tells me to work both sides of neck at once and continue raglan decreases as established 9 more times and at the same time decrease 1 stitch on each neck edge every knit row 3 times. Work until 2 stitches remain. When I do the decreSes as mentioned, I have more than two stitches on each neck side. Do I just keep decreasing in this way until I have two stitches?

Is this your pattern?

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Thanks GG for the pattern photo.
It does sound as though you can continue until you have 2sts at each side. How many sts do you have after the given decreases? How many sts did you have before the decreases?