Rogue Sweater done!

Here is my Rogue sweater. I knit it in a smaller gauge than called for and should have gone up a size. It is a bit short, a bit tight and the hood is merely decorative (too small to wear without looking like an idiot). I think it is still pretty wearable, though! This was my first sweater that was not a top-down raglan and seaming the sleeves took me for ever to figure out, but it worked out ok! Yarn was Cascade 220.

I think it looks great! How hard was the hood part?

and where do i find this pattern???:tap:
now now dear, :fingerwag:you cannot neglect us like this
i am guilty of quite a few Sins at this point, :drool:envy is a biggie

so DISH:pray:


It’s so great to get rapid praise, thanks!

The hood wasn’t hard until it came to the top. You have to graft (kitchener) the cable part together, and I had never kitchenered anything except straight stockinette. I had to experiment to get the sequence right so it looked seamless. I wasn’t exactly difficult, but tedious. About an hour of ripping and re-doing for a 4-inch seam, but it was actually interesting to figure out!

fantabulous!!! (i got tired of saying gorgeous. :teehee:)

it’s a the girl from auntie pattern.

:wall:Oops! Thanks Lady Violet, I totally forgot to link the pattern!

de nada!

i’ve been :drool: over her patterns ever since the first time i saw them, so it was my pleasure to go back and :shock: some more. :teehee:

That is absolutely gorgeous!! :cheering::cheering:

ITs wonderful!!!

Wow, that’s fantastic. Even though the hood doesn’t fit, it’s my favorite Rogue so far. Love the color and fit.

Wow, I think it looks great! :cheering:

:yay::yay:[SIZE=1]Very nice! It looks like a great fit to me. I like the cable down the sides too.[/SIZE]

I really like it!


Excellent job! Fab detail with the cabling. The body fits beautifully…any chance slight blocking of just the hood might enlarge it a tad?


I love your Rogue!! :cheering: And I personally think it fits great.

Lovely! :notworthy:

Great sweater!:cheering:

I think that your sweater is beautiful!

It looks beautiful on you! Love the cable detail.