Rogue Hoodie?

Has anone even knit this? I have only been knitting since November, but in that time, I have done 5 scarves, a poncho, baby booties, a cabled headband, several different types of dishcloths, a hat, socks, a shawl, and a shawl. I am looking for something challenging, but not too terribly frustrating.

So, I guess what I am asking is for those that have knit the Rogue Hoodie, how was it? Very very tough or not too bad?? It says experienced, but I wonder if I could tackle it. Let me know what you thought.


What’s a Rogue Hoodie? :??

This is a Rogue Hoodie… it’s beautiful.

It looks like it would only cost about 50.00 to make since Elan Highland Peruvian Wool is on for half price right now… but I think it might be a bit too complex for me upon further investigation. I have never done cables from a chart before and I don’t know how to. I wonder how hard it is to do.


WOW :shock: It’s fabulous!!

I’ve knit cables before, but I’ve never had occasion to knit them from charts. In all of the cable patterns that I’ve read, the instructions were written as well as charted. I glance at the charted, but always gravitate to the written instructions. Maybe this pattern will have written cable instructions in additiion to the chart. :?? How about contacting customer service to ask if written instructions are included? Just a thought …

no i dont think they do come with written instructions. I bought and downloaded the pattern a while back (saving it for when i have the yarn to make it) and all i saw were charts and some other written instructions…but the written instructions werent for the charts to my knowledge( im at school right now so i cant look)

Damn! :evil:

I looked at the free cable patterns on the website and those patterns have “keys” on how to translate the chart. Certainly Rogue Hoodie should have a key also. If it does, then (juding by the keys on the free cables) it shouldn’t be that difficult to read the chart. However, I think cables do require a consistant guage. So, Ladyindica200, if your guage (and decs/incs for the shapings) is(are) consistant, go for it!! The worst that could happen is you might have to put it aside to practing shaping and cables … and that’s okay :thumbsup:

I’m a not-that-experienced knitter… never done cables before…
And I’m most of the way through my Rogue (body and hood are done - now onto the sleeves).

There is a legend (with instructions) for the charts and everything is very clearly written/explained.

When in doubt, thre is also a yahoo-group devoted to Rogue:
Most questions are already answered there (searchable archive), or you can ask the group.
Also, the author of the pattern can be emailed with questions. She has responded to all of mine in less than 24 hours.

If you get stuck, you can send me a message through here and I’ll do my best to help. Or start a knit-along topic.

All in all, the pattern is definately worth the $6.

PS: Here’s some photos of my Rogue-in-progress

Oh thank you thank you… I think I have found my inspiration!! Now, to find yarn… what are you using, how much did it cost, and where did you get it??

BTW, that hoodie looks amazing!!! You are doing such a great job!!!


I’m using Patons Canadiana, in “Silver Grey Mix”.

I bought it here: (This happens to be my local shop).

From the website, it’s $3.49 US per ball.
It’s 100% acrylic (wool itches me so).