Roding by Sarah Hatton

Hello all! First, I want to thank everyone at this community. I’ve read through a few of the threads and I love how helpful and welcoming everyone is when answering questions. I don’t feel intimidated to ask my newbie question.

I suffer from “run before I walk” syndrome and although I’ve completed a few simple projects, this may be a little advanced for my skill set. I am currently knitting the Roding sweater by Sarah Hatton in small and I’m completely new at shaping shoulders and neck. Here’s where I’m confused (my questions in bold):

(Also, I currently have 52 stitches)

RS Cast off 6 st, patt until there are 9 sts on right needle and turn, leaving rem sts on a holder (so there are essentially 37 stitches on the holder?)

Work each side of neck separately
Cast off 3 sts at beg of row
Cast off rem 6 sts
With RS facing, slip centre 22 sts onto a holder, rejoin yarn and patt to end

This is where I’m lost. Do I cast off all 9 stitches in one go?

Do I slip 22 stitches from the first holder onto another holder? And what does she mean by the center 22 sts? This would also mean I have 15 sts left on holder 1, so do I just cast off all 9 sts?

Thank you in advance!

Although some patterns are obviously more advanced and harder than others, I do kind of think that when it comes to advancing skills you do just kind of have to jump in. There’s probably nothing between flat scarf and sweater neck shaping as an inbetween. …so just ask when you get stuck. Thia site is great isn’t it. I’m new too, learning from reading other people’s questions.

RS 52 stitches

Yes that’s it. You have used up 15 stitches.
If you have a holder use it for the 37, if not you can use a length of spare yarn, preferably in different colour to your working yarn, thread it through your stitches and tie the ends together so the stitches can’t fall off. You could even separate these stitches into two sets here, use a spare, thinner needle for the 15 that you are soon returning to as you are not going to leave them on hold got long. (Its OK to knit off of a thinner needle so long as your new stitches get worked onto the correct size.) And put the other 22 on a holder or yarn as they will be left longer and you want them very safe.

WS 9 stitches
Yes it looks like just cast off all 9.
The confusion by it saying 3 and then 6 might be that in a different size something else happens here (maybe look to see what a large size does, how many stitches and if it’s different to understand why the 3 and 6 instructions are separate)

You now turn back to the RS 37 on holder.
From the RS it will look like:
37 on holder, 9 cast off (remember this had previously been the 15 a row before when you cast off 6 and patterned 9)
What you aim for is:
15 on holder, centre 22 on different holder, 9 cast off (was 15 on previous row. This is why the centre 22 are the centre, making sense??)
Now you’re going to work the 15 in a similar way because this side of the neck is currently worked a couple of rows less than the other side.
Rejoin yarn to the RS of the 15 on hold and pattern to end.

You haven’t said the next part of the instruction but I would imagine you are going to cast off on the wrong side. Do check though. This would make the 2 sides of the neck an equal number of rows. The cast offs are sometimes on a different row but it won’t matter when you seam. Eg you might be told to cast off all 15 in one go on wrong side.

This leaves the neck centre 22 stitches in a holder.

Let us know if this helps or if you need more clarification.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Beautiful sweater, and surely something to advance almost anyone’s skill set.

The shoulder is actually cast off in 2 steps. You’re correct, 37 sts on hold although you could leave them on the left hand needle and just ignore them for now. Turn when you have 9sts on the righthand needle and cast off 3sts (this is at the neck edge), work to the end of row and turn. Cast off the remaining 6sts (this is the armhole edge) and cut the yarn leaving about a 6" tail to weave in later.

The next 22sts form the center neck and should go on a holder for later. The last 15sts are the second shoulder. You’ll work the second shoulder in a similar manner to the first. Start knitting with a new end of yarn again leaving about a 6" yarn end. Work across to the end of row (armhole), turn, cast off 6sts, work to the neck edge, turn and cast off 3sts. Work across to the armhole edge, turn and cast off the remaining 6 sts.

I hope we get to see a photo of this beautiful sweater when you finish!

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Thank you both for your help! I definitely have a better understanding on what to do. I had just run out of yarn when I was starting on the second shoulder and it turns out that I bought the wrong skeins, so this project is temporarily on hold until tomorrow. :disappointed:

I will probably have more questions when I resume, but I just want to say a million thanks for helping me past that problem!

Hello! I finally finished the back side and and am almost finished with the front side. I just have a few questions about shaping the front neck.

I just cast off 2 stitches and am left with 19 stitches (I’m doing the size small). What does it mean to decrease 1 st at neck edge? Do I decrease at the beginning of my row or at the end? And then when I turn my work, am I decreasing on the same side?

Thank you so much!!!

The dec of 2 sts is at the beginning of the WS row. Complete that row, turn and work to almost the end of the RS row. Decrease at the end of the row. This is the neck edge (the edge nearer the sts on hold). The next decrease is at this same edge.
Sometimes it helps to put in a marker on the neck edge as a reminder. You’re really progressing very quickly on this sweater!