Rockband My New Addiction

I went back to NY for a wedding over the weekend. My brother had bought Rockband. For those that do not know the game, its a game that you play the guitar, drums, and sing rock songs (with a mic). My entire family played the whole weekend. My father, my sisters, our boyfriends. it was soooo much fun. It is such family unifier. My brother and younger sister had a fight awhile ago and hadn’t spoken but this game brought them together. we stayed up late just to play. its so addicting. my father had such a blast. My mother loved watching us play.

I came home and bought the game myself. I can’t wait to play now. I totally recommend this game for families. It is great family fun. and when you want to download game it gives you ratings so it tells you if there are any suggestive lyrics. Oh and if you have guitar hero (which is only a guitar) they are compatible which allows you to have both guitars and bass. so that allows 4 players. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

That’s cool to hear that your family enjoyed the game. I’m still waiting for Rockband to come out on Wii. But I’m seriously considering buying a different console just so that I can play at home, lol.

Aw, I’m so jealous! I love Guitar Hero and want to play Rockband, but alas, it’s not available yet for the Wii :frowning:

I have Wii and had to buy it for my other system. But I checked it will be available for Wii on June 22. You will have sooo much fun!! :woot:

I love guitar hero! glad to see someone else likes rockband too, thinking of getting it for dh for his bday

We have Guitar Heros 2-3 and Rockband. They are a blast! Sadly I like the guitar from Rockband better and it is not compatable with the others! The 2 companies won’t realease the patch so had to buy a second guitar LOL!

I hear ya! We have all 4 Guitar Heros and Rockband. All four of us play together as a family, but most of the time we end up waiting on another to finish playing the drums. That’s everyone’s favorite. :smiley: They are really great family games, we’ve even gotten some of our friends into playing and we all join up at each others houses for Rockband night. So much fun!

We love it! The drums, to me, are hard LOL! We tried playing with hubby’s brother, but he is a pain as if he makes a mistake he wants to start over, he drives us bonkers LOL!