Robin hood hat by grace akhrem

i am having trouble with the brim. i did rows 1 and 2 and it says to repeat but how do i use up the 80 stitches that are on my circular needle. i do not understand that part

Since it is a purchased pattern, we can’t link to it to see what you’re dealing with. What do the first rows say up to the point you’re at?

Never mind, didn’t know the pattern in question, it’s different than I thought…

This hat has a brim that’s knit sideways around the hat. So every time you knit over to the main body of the hat, you knit two sts together, one from the brim and one from the main body of the hat (one of the 80sts). I forget if that’s at the end of row 1 or at the beginning of row 2. but that way, the brim grows long enough to reach around the hat at the same time that you’re attaching it to body of the hat.
This has come up in the past and the previous advice may help you.

I’n Kathy,
im bad with the computer, but id say an advanced knitter. Im knitting the Grace Akhrem Robin Hat. I can’t even start it let understand this business with the brim. I can understand where it is almost need a picture of how this is constructed. Cant understand the brim how , where to start…feel lost and stupid!!!

Help me if you can


Think of the brim as a strip about 20sts wide that you knit as a strip (like a tiny scarf) and then attach to the little beanie that is the main part of the hat. Now, instead of knitting that strip and then attaching, what you do is attach the strip to the beanie as you knit it. So every time you come to the edge that attaches to the beanie, you knit 2 together, the last stitch from the brim and one stitch from the hat. You’re knitting the brim at the same time that you’re attaching it.