Robert Jordan dies at 58

His stories will be missed. RIP.

I saw this yesterday and was shocked. I knew he was sick and didn’t actually have a great prognosis, but was very surprised to see him go so soon. I’m grateful for the books he wrote.


I was just about to start re-reading the Wheel of Time series… I will cry now :frowning:

Bloke was very upset when he heard this yesterday - he’s been waiting avidly for the last book in the Wheel of Time for ages! He loves the books, and is mostly upset at his loss because he was a great writer, but also slightly miffed that the series didn’t get finished cause he’s been so on edge for it. His blog said, though, that he left enough notes for someone else to finish it in memory of him, which was wonderful of him.

Yes. He has been dictating to someone for awhile, I think he knew he wouldnt finish it.

I havent read the Wheel of Time books yet, I wanted to wait until they were finished, but they are my DH’s absolute favorites.

OMG- thanks for letting us know- my DH LOVES those books and will be very sad he has passed.

My oldest ds was very sad. He has so been looking forward to the last book. He wan’t surprised though as he had recently researched his favorite author and learned of the illness.

I didn’t know he had passed. I’ve read several of his books and was very sorry to hear this. Thanks for the info.