Road Trip Ruched Hat

I made myself a slouch hat for Thanksgiving since I have no winter clothing living here in the south and we are heading north for Thanksgiving this year. I am including the original pattern picture so you can see what the hat should look like when worn. I don’t do modeling! :slight_smile:

Nice hat! A very wise decision to make one, you will most likely need it :slight_smile:

Very pretty! :yay:

Okay, let me get this right…the BLUE HAT is the model hat…the RED/WHITE HAT is your hat! Right?

Either way, it’s a spectacular pattern! :yay:

Yep, I couldn’t get the hat to look right taking the pic and like I said, I don’t do modeling, hate to have my pic taken so had to use the model for the original pattern! lol

Very nice! I hope it keeps you exceptionally warm–and that you’ll actually need it ('cause it’d be a shame to make it and then not need it, right?)!