Roaches Gone...I Hope

I posted about my first ever experience with cockroaches a few weeks ago. Our son brought them home unknowingly after cleaning up a badly infested apartment that someone had trashed and moved out of…I THINK they are gone. I hope I hope!

This is what I did…cleaned out my cabinets, put food either in the fridge or freezer or bug-proof containers. Then I dusted with boric acid in cabinets (not around food) and around the baseboards, under fridge, sink, dishwasher, etc. I made sure the kitchen was very clean…all dishes washed, dried, put away, all crumbs wiped up and floor swept, trash emptied, etc. I put out Combat roach paste on tin can lids where I’d seen them.

Well…now we haven’t seen ANY roaches for a week. The last three we saw were baby ones which my dh killed. So, I’m hoping they’re gone and new ones won’t be hatching out. The boric acid and the Combat paste are things they bring back to the nest with them, and it kills the ones in the nest that come into contact with it. Also, we didn’t have a bad infestation…never saw more than maybe three bugs in a day.

I’m still wary, but hopeful that they’re GONE.

Ew. my sister in law brings them into my house about 3 times a year! I struggle for a couple of weeks to get rid of them. The “roach houses” work really well. I keep them out just for prevention for the next time she comes to my house.

So how long do you have to wait before you can consider yourself roach free?

Too bad about your sister. Ugh…I think I might want to have her put all her stuff into air tight plastic bags for a couple days before letting it in the house. So sorry you have to deal with that. Roaches are so nasty.


I’d give yourself a few weeks of being roach free before you declare success. Those suckers can hide and show up the minute you slack off in your anti-roach campaign. I’ve had roaches - those things still give me the creeps.