RLI, LLI ....help! :)

Hi guys! I’m working on the Dahlia from the winter 2007 Knitty, and am completely confused as to how to do the increases. I’ve watched the videos on this site as well as the one on the domiknitrix site, and I think I’m doing it right, but my work looks awful!

The instructions on the row i’m having an issue with are as follows: K to marker, RLI, slip marker, LLI,… As you can see in the picture, because I do the RLI and then a LLI into the newly made stitch, it ends up that the leg to make the LLI stitch is the same one - it just carries up. I’m on row 6 in the picture, and you can see that the stitch is pulled up from the cast-on row. I can only imagine what that poor little stitch will look like on row 36!! :zombie:

Any ideas on what I’m missing?

That is how she describes it, but I think it looks wonky even with a stitch between. I do them in reverse order and do the LLI first, then RLI.