Rita And Limey Are Famous!1

I bought a copy of ‘Simply Knitting’ magazine yesterday so I could see Ritaw’s toy ‘Blossoms’.

Aren’t they gorgeous?!
Then when I was reading the magazine I came across this


Limey’s new Valentine stitch holders :inlove:
Two of my friends in Simply knitting I thought I was seeing things! I’m lucky enough to have a ‘Blossom’ and she really is lovely and soft and I love the beads Limey used for my stitch markers.

I’m just surrounded by talent! Shame none of it has rubbed of yet!

Oh Wow!

And I haven’t even got a copy of the magazine yet! I’ll go and get one tomorrow.

Hmm it was a bit weird making those Valentine holders back in November before I’d wrapped the first Xmas present.

The people at the magazine wanted samples of all my knitting accessories - needles, stitch markers as well as the holders and they’ll be printing pictures of them throughout the year, so I’m pretty glad my website is now up and running. It still says offline on Google but it isn’t. Should be back to its normal title on Tuesday.

Well done, Rita! It’s great - two of us in the same magazine at the same time! and I :heart: loved that picture Nobones has posted of the blossoms…

Thanks very much, Ellie

from Ellie (no, not the other one - this one):teehee:


:woot: Congrats Rita and Limey!!

Oh my, the stitch holder is a great idea! I have a few of those hat pins that I’ve never figured out what to do with, I bought them on a whim…I absolutely love that idea~

Part of the problem of course, is that I don’t know how to make the beads stay in place…Glue? probably just never thought about it til I saw some one else do it…i’m such a follower sometimes!

Thank you so much Ellie for your kind words and for posting this.
Well done Limey for getting your lovely website and stitch holders in the mag too. They do look great. :slight_smile:
I have had a good look at your site today and i have to say everything is beautiful. The stitch markers and stitch holders are to die for and would make excellent gifts . The needles i can vouch for first hand and i have to say that they are a pleasure to knit with.
Thank you to both Ellie’s .:muah:
Nobones do you now want our autographs lol :roflhard:
Have a look aat Limey’s site . lots of nice colourful things to see.

Congratulations to you both! That’s wonderful

Limey and Rita you both do work.I am one of the lucky ones to have Limey’s stitch holder and use it ALL the time,LOVE it.But maybe now I will use it as a stick pin for a shrug I made when not using it to hold stitches.Do visit Limey’s web site her needles are all I use(metal ones).I have Opitions but only use those on small projects.

Rita are you gonna start selling Blossums?A little money for yarn never hurt:teehee:

What a brilliant idea, Julie - Rita’s knitting is wonderful and so damn fast. I’d hate to be in a speed knitting contest with you two - you’d leave me standing!

Be careful with those metal needles - you both knit so quick, you’re likely to start a fire! :knitting::knitting:

Thank you Julie for your very kind comments.

Rita, you should seriously think about that idea of Julie’s! :thumbsup:


Rita are you gonna start selling Blossums?A little money for yarn never hurt:teehee:[/quote]

Lol No i am not going to sell them i am afraid to say. I think i have overdosed on making them for a while.
I think i have made in total for the party and for friends about 25 blossoms, so you can imagine how sick i am of them lol
But to be fair it is such a wonderful pattern that looks great when done :hug:

Thanks Limey but i think i would not be able to deal with all the demand hehehehehe

Awesome! :yay:

That is so awesome! Congratualtions ladies!! :cheering:
Can’t wait to get a copy of it over here. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to both of you. Limey, your stitch holders are really cute. I can’t wait to get my Lucky Dip stitch markers.
Rita’s Blossoms are adorable but I can understand not wanting to make any more for a while. I can’t even get my one and only finished!!

Congrats again you two :hug::hug:

Congratulations ladies! Way to go!!!

Congrats!! I love to see KHer’s work in print.

I love love love Limey’s stitch markers. If you haven’t tried them yet you should!

I know I’ve said it before but Rita I love the Blossums!

Hiya Holly

I was very chuffed to see your post, as you were one of my original ‘Guinea Pigs’ when I first asked people on KH to check out my hook markers - well over 18 months ago now :knitting:

Really glad to know you’re still going strong with them!!! :thumbsup:

All the Best



I read through the entire first page thinking “Stitch markers” and wondering how in the WORLD they would work!:??

Finally re-read and it suddenly makes sense! :rofl:

Congrats to both of you! How exciting!

Just cast on my shawl project, I’m using Limey’s metal circular needles and for the first time ever my tension has come out the same as the pattern. Normally my I knit very tightly but have found the tips of these needles transfer the stitches really nicely.

It’s my birthday soon so I’m going to get hubby to get me some sizes. Can you believe I didn’t get ANY knitted related items for Christmas?! I dropped HUGE hints for some more needles, a book and knitting bag, nothing not so much as a tape measure!

stitch holders! what a geat idea. i am always wondering what to use as a stitch holder, but i have a couple of scarf pins here that i made at our local bead shop (www.lebeado.co.uk) which would be perfect! thanks Limey!

Congrats, Rita & Limey! :woot::yay: