Ripple shawl help!

I’m doing something terribly wrong on this pattern and I don’t know what it is…

Row 1 (right side) Knit.

Row 2 K3, purl to last 3 sts, k3.

Row 3 K3, *[k2tog] 3 times, [yo, k1] 6 times, [k2tog] 3 times; repeat from * to last 3 sts, k3.

Row 4 Knit.

I understand how to read it…but when I finish row 4 and get to start repeating the pattern, something goes haywire. The little eyelet holes are off. I’m on my 4th repeat so I know it’s not going to look right but I can tell something is wrong. Someone explained to me that I should have the same amount of stitches on the needle at all times. I can tell I absolutely don’t.

I’m so frustrated and I’m going all over trying to get help with no avail.



You should have the same number at the end of each row, thats for sure. Are you ending up with too many stitches? Or too few?

When I did a baby afghan that had a pattern with YO’s and Knit tog’s, I found it helped me to use a marker between each set of repeats.

I end up with waaaaay too many. I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong…but I’ll try the stitch markers.

Chelsea, as Kitkat said you should have the same number of stitches…
the K2tog 3 times reduces stitches by 3. The yo K1 6 times gives you 6 stitches ( now you’re up 3) then k2 tog 3 times reduces by three (now you’re even). Hope this makes sense! Are you doing the yo correctly? That might explain extra stitches.

I am doing this same shawl.
:smiley: I find that I use stitch markers for each repeat and at the three knits at the start of the row and end of the row. I counted all the stitches in the repeats I ended up with 18. If I keep that amount of stitches after doing the yo’s and k2tog’s it comes out right. I hope this helps. :smiley: