Ripping out - what I hate about it most

well, of course, rippping out your project completely or partially is something we want to avoid. But you can not help it in a lot of cases. Well, then, so it is. I knit for fun and not on a stressy schedule of dead lines so I can live with the delay. But there is one thing that gets me stressed:

When you rip out more than like one row… you have a lot of “extra” yarn. you may leave it on the couch just lose or recoil it. Either way: When knitting on with this yarn you have a perfect gage of when you get to the point that you were at when ripping out. It tells you SO well, how much you had to undo… and untill I am over that point I can not relax.

Lately I pulled out the entire bottom of a shirt and had a coil and a half to work up against. (170 m to 50g!), now I want to do anything but ripping out for a while.

How do you feel about the “catching up with yourself” part?

I couldn’t agree with you more. I feel like I HAVE to re-knit it all right then so I can catch up because re-rolling it to get it out of the way never seems to work as nicely as pulling it from the fresh ball.

I am not alone!:cheering:

I re-roll only when I have too much. Or when I can simply not make it before I need my couch for other people. But usually I can not stop (even when it is long past bed time) before I am back to “square one”…

Great to hear, that I am not alone!

PS: Recoiled balls tend to roll away, jump and act up a lot! Fresh ones are usually nicer.

Hi! :waving:

For me, the remaining yarn after frogging sits in a tangle on the sofa, viewing me with a definitely accusatory stare.

It seems to say…

“Here I was, all nice and arranged in a really beautiful way and YOU just yanked me right out of my comfortable little haven. And all because YOU weren’t paying attention”.

"Do you know how hard it is to get twisted into all those shapes you put me into to get this pattern? It’s like “yarn yoga”!!! And then you couldn’t leave well enough alone but had to UNDO all those positions. NOW you tell me you’re going to twist me all around yet AGAIN!!! "

“Where’s the phone? There has to be a hot line for abused yarn and I’m calling and REPORTING YOU RIGHT NOW!”

The above is as good a reason as any to re-knit that yarn right away! If you just re-roll it onto the ball it will still lie there and mutter. The only way I’ve found to shut it up is to just re-knit correctly as quickly as possible.

I wonder if I’ve been in “Knitville” too long…:?? Oh, well, let’s just hope we don’t have to frog the same area more than once. That’s when it really gets ugly!!!

Hugs, :hug:

[COLOR="#330099"]Well, if the yarn’s language turns from muttering to ugly, then just shove it in the broom closet. You’ll hear it continue to rant and rage for a bit but it will soon get quiet. Then you may open the closet door.

It will calmly step out into your extended hands and say, “I’m sorry that I offended you with my language and actions. I ask for your forgiveness.”

And before you are able to ask what changed it’s mind, it will continue…

“May I ask what the other yarn did to get turned into a mop?”


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I can’t say HOW happy I am, that you all have those same “lose screws” / “lose ends” as I do. Addictions are so much easier to bare when you are not alone…

KAA - knitting addicts anonymus - is there an official group anywhere?

It’s a mind set. All part of the process to me. Note my signature.

I seldom use a pattern. I get a mental picture of where I think I’m going and do the math.
Sometimes it evolves as expected, sometimes not. Just part of the process.

Oh, I keep my working yarn in a bag that stands up (nothing else in that bag) and feed the yarn into the bag as I rip.
That way it doesn’t get tangled and I don’t spend time rolling it.


Happy knitting! (and ripping)

Hi! :waving:

Knitting Addicts Anonymous…I went to a meeting once but it broke up early because we all brought our knitting. :knitting:

They said something about only joining if you wanted to kick the habit. We were shocked! We thought we were there to get help organizing our life so we’d have even more time for our “addiction”.

So we adjourned to a local coffee shop and swapped patterns and techniques, just so the evening wouldn’t be a total loss!

Stay away from those KAA people - they’re really crazy!!!

Happy knitting (and knitting, and knittinig, and…):yay:


knitters after my own heart!
I took several long breaks from knitting in my life. But on Jan. 1st this year it felt like the right day to pick it up again. Since then I hardly go a day without it and have finishes LOADS of stuff.
It makes my day a little brighter, my stress a lot less, and my mental organisation a lot more clear. Stitch by stitch it grows very important.

Well, coming home today I have to decide if I want to rip out the top back of my shirt or finish the front first. I think I will finish the front so that I do not add more live stitches to the project.
This time it was a clear mistake in the pattern. It said: 6 rows stochinette, at the end of each row decrease by one stitch.
So that is what I did. I did decrease 6 stitches. HAHA, it had to be: at EACH end of each row decrease by one… 6 more stitches.
Too bad, I knit almost 2/3 of a foot above this, before I notices in the finishing that the count was off by 6 stitches… Well, I will write a nice email to the magazine when I am done and have collected all those spots where they are unclear or plain wrong.

rip-it rip-it and then the pile of yarn is knee-deep knee-deep knee-deep… does anyone else hear frogs around here?