Ripping out and picking up

I have never been able to pick up dropped stitches when there are many. I am knitting a sweater where I picked up 48 stitches around the arm of the front and back which had been bound off. and will be knitting the arm from the top down. After doing 6 rows, I discovered that the sleeve is inside out. I must have pearled the first row rather than knit. My question is, since the main part of the sweater was bound off and then I picked up these stitches for the sleeve, if I pull out the 6 rows, will I have a problem w/dropping the stitches that I have to pick up again? I thought that maybe since they were bound off, they wouldn’t unravel? If they won’t unravel, I’ll try it myslef otherwise I’ll have to go to the knitting store for help.
Hopefully I was clear enough and someone can advise me.

The only thing that works for me, and might for you if I am understanding your dilemma properly, is to thread a darning needle, and run it through the the loops of the last row of stitches that you know were done right, then frog to there. Use the thickest yarn you can find, and thread, and it’s usually easy to pick up stitches that way.

Hope that helps, I hate frogging!

Once your stitches are bound off, you’re safe!! Just pick up the stitches again and knit!

Thank you so much! I was afraid to try it. Now I’m hot to go!

No problem. Be sure to post pics of your finished sweater! I can’t wait to see it!