Ripping back

I am new to knitting and I am having trouble ripping back. I do alright until the last stitch on the needle I am not catching the right stitch. Can anyone help. Thanks

What you can do is rip back one more row as you put the sts on the needle. Insert the needle into each st as you pull it out, then when you get to the end of the row, your last st will be there too.

Sorry, I don’t understand this answer. I’m also fairly new to knitting and I’ve started a slightly more ambitious project, with K2tog and YO…and I found if I had to rip back sometimes, as the stitch dropped onto the needle, I couldn’t tell if the hole I had was supposed to be there or not, like from a YO. Is there a video somewhere? Thanks!

Well I wasn’t sure I understood your question since you asked about the last stitch. There are videos on the Tips page under Fixing Mistakes that show how to put stitches back on the needle. I was suggesting that after you get them back on, you ‘tink’ or unknit the last row, taking out each st one at a time and that way you should be able to tell which are the YOs. If your pattern is just k2tog, yo, then every other stitch will be a YO.