Ripped rows and now something is wrong?

New Knitter Need Help! I had to rip ten rows or so when I realized I was not knitting the odd rows. I did this late last night. Picking it up this morning, when I start to knit again (garter) something is not right. It is like I need the working yarn on the opposite side of where it is. I’m not even sure how to describe what is wrong, but something is wrong? Maybe I didn’t rip out correctly because it was my 1st time??? Any ideas? I would really appreciate it. I can’t get out to knitting shop today because there’s so much snow on the ground and I’m only 3 inches away from finsihing a scarf for my daugher! Thank you!!!

You must have put it on the needle wrong. Take out the needle and insert it on the end opposite where the working yarn is so the point ends up with the yarn.

If Sue’s suggestion isn’t it then I suspect you’re not knitting on the “purl side” of the garter stitch. Look closely at front and back side of the stitches up close to your needle. One side will have a “purl bump” and the other won’t. When you knit garter you are knitting on the purl bump side. You might have to rip back one more row to get there.

Here’s a crop of some garter to show you what I mean.

Thank you so much!!! I’m back to knitting now with your advice and the the scarf is almost done! It is a cut bow tie scarf for my 4 years old! Thank you so much ladies!