Rip to a specific row... Is it possible???

So, here’s the issue…

I started knitting a sweater for my dog, and after almost 60 rows of hard work, I realized that from row 10 and up I am doing it all WRONG… :astonished: Is there any way to somehow put my needles on the 10th row, so that it doesn’e rip to 0?? :confused: :confused:

Stitch pattern is 1x1 ribbing…

There sure is! If you don’t have a circular needle that will work you can use a fine smooth yarn or unwaxed dental floss and a yarn needle to hold the stitches till you unravel and reinsert your needles.

Yes. You can pick up a row before it is unknitted.
I’m not good at that (split yarn, jump rows).
I prefer to mark two rows above where I want to frog to with a safety pin so that stops the frogging. Then I pick up the stitches as I rip one at a time, then I tink back the last row.
Whatever works best for you.

@Mike & @Jan_in_CA
Thank you both for your answers… Although the video was much more helpful… :relieved: :relieved: