Rip, Rip, Rip

Had to rip 9 rows of a pillow I’m working on. It’s lace (8 row pattern) and I dropped a stitch, tried to pick it up again, but with all the YOs, and passing stitch over slipped stitch there was no other choice… :frowning: At least I got some practice…and I don’t have to have it finished until Mother’s Day LOLOL!!!

Ahah, you now know why lace knitters use, not just stitch markers, but also “life lines”.

If you place a smooth, cotton thread (I like undyed crochet cotton) through an entire row of stitches after each pattern repeat, you’ll never have to rip further than the problematic pattern repeat. The thread holds the stitches, YOs and all, ready for you to pick up after the painful task of tearing apart.

ooo smart idea!

I thought of a neat trick for inserting lifelines into narrow pieces of lace work. I knit the last row with one of my interchangeable needles (not attached to a cable, just the needle with the threaded hole in the other end). Then I take that cotton cord, tie a knot in the end, and poke a new needle into the knot. Then poke it into the threaded end of the interchangeable needle, and push the new needle and lifeline into those stitches, pushing out the interchangeable needle. It takes a little care to do, but it’s much faster than running a needle through!

Oh my gosh!!! Marnie, Amy, I love you both!!! Lifeline here I come!!! :smiley: Thank you so much!!