Ring Dance Wrap ideas? yarn or pattern

I have been looking for some white yarn with a little silver glitz to it for a wrap for my DD’s Ring Dance dress. I hadn’t really decided on a pattern, but kind of thought I’d let the yarn do the talking instead of the stitch pattern. I went to FOUR LYS yesterday (Superbowl Sales!) and didn’t find much. Oh I could find something if I wanted to spend $100 but that’s a bit more than I had in mind. I could spend that much if it was something that would be used more, but this kind of dressy wrap probably won’t be. Last year I crocheted her one with the white baby yarn that has a little shiny thread going through it. It turned out beautiful, but we were wanting something a little more different this year - don’t want to pics to look so similar (last year her dress was a gorgeous blue and this year it’s a gorgeous teal).

So my question is, does anyone have any ideas on a nice reasonable yarn with a distinctive stitch pattern? or have any ideas on a pretty yarn (or combination) with a simple stitch pattern? She wants it to be pretty and dressy but not Vegasy if you know what I mean. Thanks for any input - I’m kind of back at square one now and have less than 5 weeks before the dance.

I have never used this yarn but I have seen it at Michaels:


I kind of sounds like what you are looking for in the silver color.

Thanks - I’ve seen it too and it’s a possibility for the silver one.